Aromatouch  sessions was designed by Dr David Hill, CEO of doTERRA

Using 8 essential oils to bring balance and improve immune function


Aromatouch was designed perfectly by Dr David Hill, CEO of doTERRA as a topical treatment, to calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation and improve the immune system.  A complete destresser in a few drops of oils.

The session will last around 40 mins and the client often leaves feeling relaxed calm and intoxicated by the wonderful oils they have inhaled in the course of the treatment. 

"I feel taller and more relaxed after every session".. Jill 


"I could feel the benefits of the oils all day; it was as if the oils were unravelling old patterns and habits which had no place in the here and now." Alison

"I can't believe how energised and calm I feel.  It was not what I expected... It is just what I needed" Chloe

Now that we are easing out of lockdown, I would still like you to follow the following protocol.

1) Take a lateral flow test before coming for your session.

2)Wear a mask when entering 

3) Temperature taken on entry by me

4) Wash your hands before entering the treatment space

5) Leave coats and bags in hallway or in a plastic bag