Baby's Grasp


Doula brings experience, love and empathy to the birth



Doula: is just what you need to reassure, and bring you back to your strength and resource.

Doula: is in your corner 100%

A doula is a mother, sister, husband, father or hired birth worker who understands and empathetic towards the birth process.

They will shower you with love and attention and reassurance.  Helping your find that resilience, strengthen and confidence to birth your baby without judgement or excuses.

A doula can transform and hold the space;  reminds you of your wishes for your birth;  mops your brow and comb your hair;  sits quietly; encouraging and  witnessing the birth dance.  All the time reminding you gently to take that toilet break that is necessary for your babies head to descend into the birth canal.  Offering you comfort options and magically portals you to that blissful place, where the oxytocin is flowing and you are transformed into a birthing goddess.

A doula is there for you 100%.  She will be on call just for YOU.  She will help in  preparation for the birth.  In the two meetings prior to your birth.  She will be available by text, mobile or messenger to answer your queries. 

A doula is there for you in the post natal period, walking alongside you as you take your baby steps into parenting, but also knows when to step back and let you feed, nurture and love your baby.

A doula is not there to replace your partner, mother or sister.

A doula is not you midwife (although some, like myself have been in the field of birth a very long time and have enough personal and anatomical experience to talk you through necessary checks if the occasions requires).  Any medical examination is ONLY carried out by a midwife or health professional.

She will be there for you at the birth and make sure you are "In your baby moon" before quietly slipping away.  She will call periodically to check in on you; make sure you are doing well and assist you with breastfeeding if needed.  Some doulas are hired as postnatal doula, for the first few weeks.  Helping you get you bearings as a new mother.  

I have been a doula for over 30 years and I have supported well over a 500 mothers and their partners to achieve wonderful life changing and life affirming birth experiences. The work I do with women, whether its a first or subsequent birth is to prepare them well, and advocate for them if needed.  I will transform your fear and anxieties around the birth process into, opportunities and empowerment.  Women who have had previous Caesarean sections have been healed through the process of our work together and some if not most of them have had transformational VBAC births.

I trust the woman,  her body and her baby.  Armed with a great playlist to suit your taste we will dance this baby out in bliss and wonder,  anywhere or anyhow you want it.  This is your birth and you are in charge of how it will flow.  Book your consultation now:


Arlene  has been a regional representative  for East London DUK (twice), a member of Birthworkers of Colour and Neighbourhood Doulas. Throughout the pandemic she has been a active member of Maternity Voices Partnership for East London during 2020-21.  Working for respectful maternity pathway and equity for all women.  Covid or no Covid.


She will fight for you 150%, but she ask that clients also be respectful, and understand that doulas also have feelings and have to navigate a number of personal and professional challenges to be their for you fully.  So I ask, that when the process doesn't go the way you dreamed (this is a flexible process) please do not take it out on your doula, she has been their for you.  No one desires to be disrespected, just because money exchanges hands.

Please contact me if I seem to be the right doula for you.  Book below.  Lets get together soon.

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My intent is to support minimum 1 and max 2 birthing mothers

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Early December (Amazing Home birth after 2 c-sections)

January 2022 (baby landed safely)

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