• Arlene Dunkley-Wood

Covid19! Yoga Nidra - Being awake to what is - weekly practice

Since the Covid19 pandemic hit us, I decided that I wanted to continue our weekly practice of Yoga Nidra. The first one was a practice to get used to streaming by zoom, the next one was dedicated to www.neighbourhooddoulas.org. We have continued with this practice and we are using this weekly practice, to create community, continuity and relaxation from the constant fear and anxiety of news or deaths and dying, but also potential unseen threat of the Covid19 virus.

Yoga Nidra (awake sleep) is a guided visualisation, rotation around the body and the participants are in shavasana the corpse pose. This process takes around 45 mins and by activating your conscious mind we are allowing the sub-conscious mind to release and let go of all the patterns that we hold. The practitioners place their own intention/resolve and allow that to unfold.

To damp down the chatter and allowing yourself to be in the moment; present and accepted just as you are.

The feed back so far has been: "As I do this practice each week, I am able to relax more into it and it helps me through my stressful week"

"Each week, I begin to discover what I need from this practice"

"I feel calm and relaxed"

"I go really deeply into this practice"

"I surprisingly feel relaxed, but also energised after this practice"

"There is something about doing this practice in a community, even if its by zoom, it feels that we are all held and working and supporting each other"

"I am glad you are continuing this practice"

"I got a better understanding of the chakras from todays practice"

"I can give myself permission to relax and let go and be present with this practice, thank you for sharing it with us" www.arlenedunkleywood/yoga-nidra please check to confirm.