This yoga class is suitable if you have a reoccurring back, neck or spinal issue, which conventional medicine does not seem to resolve. This is a 2 part 12 week course only taught by Yoga for healthy back teachers

This course is an evidence based program (See the York Trial for more details).  It is a self-management program which gives you the tools to manage your back issues.

Part A:  runs for 6-weeks and covers basic techniques to help you when you get an acute back issue.


Part B: is a progress into developing a sustainable practice, which increases the challenge and difficulty, but is able to be maintained as a regular practice. 

A crucial part of the practice is yoga nidra (a deep relaxation which acknowledges the whole body).  

Relaxation is a crucial part of this therapy and with this course you are required to purchase a book and CD or downloadable relaxation through https://www.yogaforbacks.co.uk.  Homework is given weekly.

Dates of course: October2019 tbc

Fridays 11-12.00

29 Forest View Road, E17 4EJ

contact Arlene: info@arlenedunkley-wood.co.uk


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Maximum 5 people