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All the preparation you will need to meet your baby

  • Active birth means: making informed and conscious decisions about your babies birth

  • Preparing with as much information as possible

  • Being aware of your choices

  • Looking at hormonal dynamics in labour

  • Awareness of the process

  • Awareness of your breath

  • Awareness of gravity

  • Awareness of the people you have supporting you

  • Knowing this is a physiological process

  • Working with your partner to prepare to greet your baby

  • Myth busting

  • Using alternative remedies 

  • Trusting your instincts

  • Taking away the fear

  • Script for hypnobirthing

  • Hypnobreathing 

  • Visualisation

  • Postures that will help your baby to move into a optimal foetal position

  • Discussion on what practical things the partner can do to help you


This workshop is designed to help you achieve all the above. It is a bespoke workshop.  

The workshop is suitable for first time parents or parents who want to revise and reconnect with what they really want.

Sessions can be arranged at a time that works for you and your partner.  Available Fridays or Saturdays. The  sessions will be for 4 hours.

The Workshop is in Walthamstow.

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