Joseph Pilates, was born in Germany in 9 December 1883.  He created a unique form of exercise. Originally called Contrology.  His father was a gymnast and metal worker and he trained his son in a few disciplines including bodybuilding, ju jitsu and gymnastics.  By the time he was 14 he was very strong and proficient gymnast.  

It is now under debate whether Joseph was a sickly child, but there is no doubt that he had a very creative mind. As such he created a apparatus to use for rehabilitations, using a stable hospital bed frame and springs for resistance and strengthening the body.  He developed exercises  which helped gain tone, connection with core stability and body control.

I had the pleasure to originally train with Alan Herdman, Gordon Thompson and more during the 80s.  I found that as a trainee dancer, that it would be inevitable that I would at some point sustain some sort of injury. In preempting this possibility, I sort out how to maintain my fitness and strength without gaining heavy muscle tone.  Pilates was the exercise I stumbled on, as well as swimming.

Here I am over 30 years later, finding that I am calling on my pilates training to gain that same stability.  I have a slight herniated disc and facet joint instability, which sometimes can cause serious problems, a combination of  regular Pilates exercises, yoga and swimming.  I am able to maintain flexibility,  strength and stability.  Pilates is what I find myself more and more turning to alongside, swimming, yoga and some weight training.

I have revised my previous training and have now trained with  Stott Pilates mat work and reformer to Intermediate level & Advance levels.

Fridays : 10-2.00pm 1-2-1 reformer Essential to intermediate level.  Also available for pregnancy and postnatal period.