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Your chance to be heard and acknowledged

Therapy Closeup

1-2-1 Counselling 

This is a opportunity to be heard and acknowledge.  Our regular sessions will help you tell your story, build rapport and work through issues which are preventing you from moving forwards.  You may have a particular issues which keeps re-occurring and yet, you feel unable to find a way through.  With these regular session together, you will be heard and we can work towards a solutions that works for you and your life.

I trained with  College of Holistic Medicine (1997), which is a person centred approach,  and gained dip Life Development Counselling and that is exactly what you are doing.  Gaining understanding and building in tools that will help you develop and build resilience to work with what every life presents.

Holding Hands


I am interested in working with all humans, and that in particular includes people of colour and other ethnic backgrounds

As trauma goes,  people of colour have suffered  extensively for many hundreds of years under colonial displacement and gas-lighting.  With a huge loss of personal identity.  As a result, I am interested in working with clients who want a black therapist that looks like them and able to hold the space and give them the compassionate recognition they deserve, to tell their story, be heard acknowledged and given the tools to heal.

Everyone has their own unique life story. We know that suffering continues today around the world.  But we all have the potential to heal.  We can only start from ourself.  So if you are finding the patterns and belief systems that you have held so preciously for centuries; down through your lineage; through colonialism, your journey to where you are today is no longer serving you; maybe its time to bravely go deeper and investigate them and seek something different.  I am happy to walk alongside and remind you to reconnect and find that authentic self.

Stepping into your power is a very brave thing to do.  No time to delay.  Time to discover your authentic self.

Sitting Meditation
Holding Hands

Clinic space and times

Sessions will be held at


Tuesday or Wednesdays am to noon

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