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Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Transform Your Inner State with Soundbatharlene

What is Sound Bath, Ceremony or Journey?
'Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of people with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.'
Simon Heather, College of Sound Healing

Everything in life has its own frequency and resonance. The Sound Bath brings The body, mind and emotions into harmonious balance and peace. Sound vibrates travel through air, water and structures.  In a Sound Bath the vibrations of the selective instruments, will go into the body, into the cellular structure and the vibrations will go to where it is needed; creating a sense of calm and wellbeing, and can aid your personal therapeutic process.  


Some people experience the sounds in a way that feels like they are journeying to somewhere; experiencing a out of body experience, which can help them resolve something that they have been trying to process.  Tapping into that inner intelligence that knows what the true self needs.  

Arlene is a Certified Sound Practitioner with  The College of Sound Healing offering Sound Journeys in the Waltham Forest and Central London.

Instruments used:  38" Sedna Gong by Paiste, Bronze 0 by Paiste, Nepalese Gong and a 34" Paiste Symphonic  Gong, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Chakra balancing Crystal Bowls as well as other instruments and rattles.  These produce wonderful tones, vibrations and resonances that creates shifts for mind, body and spirit.  Helping you to journey into a theta state, where healing can take place.

This is a total immersive experience; a soothing, restorative practice using sound.

Come with an open mind and prepare to be relaxed and rejuvenated.

I also work with clients on a one to one basis and in small groups.  This modality works well in combination with my other disciplines, especially Yoga, Massage, Mizan, Craniosacral Therapy and AromaTouch.  Some of which I may use in my clinical practice.



5 July 7.15pm

23 August

13 September

4 October

1 November

1st December


3rd Friday: of the month 7.30pm

19 July


Thursday: 7.00pm

27 June

22 August

Further details:
A disclaimer form will be sent to you before the session. Please note that the Sound Bath is suitable for 16 and above. Pregnant women can attend after 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Some people with tinnitus find the Sound Bath helpf ul and others may find it quite strong. It is at your discretion to attend, if you do suffer from tinnitus, bring ear plugs to reduce the sound and enjoy the session with your feet towards the instruments.

If you have a condition and are not sure whether a sound bath will be suitable for you, please check with your GP before attending.

The space at Quaker Meeting House, allows for wheelchair access and is on the ground floor.

Please bring a flask or bottle of water, warm socks, a yoga mat, a blanket and two cushions for your comfort; one for your head and the other for under your knees.

Door opens: Fridays session 7.15
pm for a prompt 7.30pm start. On Sunday sessions 6.15pm for 6.30pm start, and 6.45pm for 7.00pm start at Langthorne Park Pavilion.  Unfortunately late arrivals cannot enter during the session.  Sessions are non transferable or refundable.  Minimum numbers for events to happen are 4 - 5 people. ( in these cases, if a session needs to be cancelled, your ticket will be transferred or a voucher given for a later date will be issued)

Booking also accepted on the door.   Last booking closes 15 mins before the session begins. Maximum group capacity is 20 people.

The Sound Journeys are secular; everyone from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to attend.  A wonderful gift for family and friends, but also a wonderful gift for oneself as part of your own personal self care.


NB: Please do not attend if you are ill, or know that you have been in contact with someone with COVID.

'Arlene's Gong/Sound Bath/Journeys are held within beautiful calm spaces and encourage relaxation and healing. The instruments used are amazing and there's an added quality to the Sound as it's being played over you; from the rain stick to the Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls, they all come in to soothe your body and nervous system." Alex

'I felt like I was in outer-space' Grace

'I could feel the vibration releasing something within me' Debbie

'I had a headache when I arrived... Now I feel completely energised' Laura

'I felt like I was back home in the St Lucia' Elder

'My anxiety just went away' Bethan

'Each Sound Journey is so different..  So powerful' Jane

'Always magical' Sarah

'Used to do Sound Baths online...This is so different.. When is the next one?' Ciara

'Since your session last week I feel that the frequencies of the instruments have resonated within me and I have transcended to a completely different level of calm and clarity, which I am still experiencing today. ' Terina

"After a 1-2-1 Gong Bath, my pain was greatly reduced... I wish I could have this therapy every day" Elena

"I found my power animals, when I had the 1-2-1 gong sessions" Jane

"The private duo session my partner and I had was amazing... we both felt more relaxed" P & J


Complementary sessions

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Yoga Nidra – click through for details of the fortnightly Yoga Nidra online sessions.

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Also gift vouchers available for block of 3 sessions.

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