Mizan uses traditional healing techniques to address conditions involving reproductive organs, the digestive system, and emotional health. These techniques are commonly used in India and further east for optimizing women’s health. It is a gentle, external massage that brings healing to the womb space and optimum health and well-being to women on both physical and emotional levels.

Mizan Therapy

Arlene's clinic is now offering Mizan Treatment in the Waltham Forest area of London.


Please allow yourself the time and space to receive and appreciate this treatment.  The session will last up to 1.5 hours long, especially at the first session.  Follow-up sessions maybe not as long, but still allow yourself to move at a slower pace after treatment.


You will be offered a self-care tuition alongside a treatment.  Most clients won’t need to visit more than once a month whilst maintaining their own personal practice.


If necessary I will suggest the use of vaginal steam and maybe castor oil packs help break down toxins and cleans the womb space of old tissue.

Essentials oils, such as wild orange (doTERRA CPTG) oils and olive oil will be used in the treatment.  If you have any known allergy to specific oils, please let me know before the session takes place.


The aim of the treatment is to bring fresh blood and nourishment to the womb space in a gentle and respectful way.

This therapy is also a wonderful treatment to help improve fertility; for pregnant women; women experiencing heavy bleeds; fibroid issues; polycystic ovaries and much more.  It is also an excellent preparation for birth, but also in the postnatal period, assisting alignment of the womb after the birth.


Sessions will be Tuesday, Thursday, and two Saturday per month and will take place in Walthamstow.

Please contact me on info@arlenedunkley-wood.co.uk.


Initial treatment advice is for 3 advance bookings.  Monthly sessions advised if working with particular issues relating to the menstrual cycle, fertility and womb health.

First session £90

Follow up sessions £80

Block bookings is discounted 3 for £240

48 hour notice is need for cancellations.  Full fee required for late cancellations.

Now that we are easing out of lockdown, I would still like you to follow the following protocol.

1) Take a lateral flow test before coming for your session.

2)Wear a mask when entering the building

3) Temperature taken on entry by me

4) Wash your hands before entering the treatment space

5) Leave coats and bags in hallway or in a plastic bag