Exfoliation Treatment


There is no better time be nurtured and cherished, like when you are pregnant

Pregnancy Massage / Therapeutic sessions


My clinic works with pregnant women who maybe experiencing pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, stiff shoulders, headaches, nausea or depression and more.

"I have been looking for a someone who was skilled in working with pregnant woman, who wasn't afraid to massage me, and yet make me feel held and nurtured at the same time". " Thank you for our three sessions before my birth... It really made a difference"  Fatema - 2019

" Having a massage with Arlene helped relieve the inner thigh and sciatic pain I was getting, as my baby moves down into the pelvis" Nadina - 2019

Also offering Closing the Bones, a postnatal massage to help bring the organs, uterus and pelvis back into balance after childbirth.

Very helpful for healing any birth trauma which maybe still viscerally felt by the mother.  Allow 1 hour 15 mins for this session.

Sports & Back injures - Massage for all

Therapeutic massage can also work with sports injuries as well as recurring issues, like lower back issues, tight neck and shoulders, tinnitus etc.

Clinic dates are Tuesdays Thursdays 10-2.00pm or on Saturdays 11.00-3.00pm.