I am honoured to be part of the lineage of Scaravelli Teachers

Sandra Sabatini has been my main teacher and she was one of the muses of Vanda Scaravelli

About Vanda Scaravelli

Vanda Scaravelli, was a wonderful inspiration to a lot of international teachers.  She worked with them on a one to one basis and help them to develop their connection with their practice.  Her main philosophy  was the importance of learning from nature, “Awaking the Spine” the connection with the spine and the use of gravity and the breath.  So that the body could unfold and reveal its hidden secrets.

I have been extremely luck to have trained with some of the main Scaravelli teachers in Europe: Sandra Sabatini, John Stirk, Elizabeth Lutz Paunz and in my training with Peter Blackeby and Sophie Hoare and more.

I endeavour to also help my students to deepen their  personal yoga practice. We work in an explorative and playful way.  Discovering something new in each practice.

Classes are maximum of 6 people.  Arlene is a therapist, she brings in her understanding of the anatomy and working with the human condition into her teaching.  "There is always room in my classes for some levity".

Combining Qi Kung, Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

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Saturday mornings: 9.00-10.15am

Wednesday evenings: 6.45-8.15pm

Face to Face Yoga Staycian retreats and workshops tbc once restrictions on lockdown have been lifted.

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