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Coronavirus Yoga Nidra

Given the stress created across the globe around the pandemic of coronavirus 19.  

This is an opportunity to reassess and re connect (all be it at a social distance) with our family, friends and more importantly with our core self.

As a result of the Corvid19 most of us self employed teachers and therapist are finding our selves challenged to have to work online and not have that personal one to one contact which is our norm.

I personally have been coaxed into being more online.  I feel more excited and more engaged in creating this virtual work.

It's amazing how the internet has made us all more accessible, which always will have its positives and negatives.  

I  have been able to talk to my daughter in another continent and know that she is ok.  I can work with clients around the world.  They don't even have to go home after savasana.  They are already there.  So they can fully reap the benefits on being still and reflective and connected in a safe space.  

They can choose to be visible or not, but still get the benefit of hearing another voice, without judgement, without berating, maybe this is what was needed.  To learn without investment of personal validation, pure teaching.  Learning experientially, just like we did as children and just like we are having to do now.  Maybe this is the new way forward.

We as social humans require connection, touch, hugs, kisses and interaction.  This nurtures, nourishes and resources us.  But even though we have to be at least 2 meters away from someone we meet in the street, we can still smile and ask them if they are okay.

We don't have to shut down completely and loose our humanity.

I am a creative person and as such I have created prenatal yoga sessions live online.  Also yoga/pilates classes online and I run Yoga Nidra workshops weekly.

I will also be offering remote doula support and breastfeeding support and counselling to new parents.

We are not in battle with corvid19, it has been our teacher to be create and re invent our world.

JOIN US ON SUNDAYS 6-7.00PM for Yoga Nidra.  Coming back to self as we connect online.  Knowing we are all in the same boat.  And being at one with that. 


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