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Easing Out of the Pandemic Panic - In need of Touch

It has surely been a weird time. 4 months in virtual isolation. Zoom calls and teaching online.

Who would have though I would get to grips with zoom and now it seems like zoom is my best friend.

How do I, and all of us come out of our isolation shell and start to interact with the world?

We have jumped back into our lives, all be-it with gloves, hand sanitiser and face mask as a permanent part of our outdoor wear.

I don't know about you, but it is still nerve racking. Some people go on as if we haven't been living in this weird paradigm and others give you a sheepish smile behind their mask, as they shuttle past at a 2 meter distance; yearn for the day when we will be able to hug one another.

I so miss my weekly LIVE choir practice. Zoom does not do it at all.

Following government guidelines, I have opened up my clinic and now offering massage, Craniosacral therapy and Mizan sessions.

My treatment room is ready and I have PPE masks and apron, sanitiser and paper towels to the ready.

So if you want to come and have a well earned massage or treatment please book an appointment.

Sessions are Thursday and Saturday. Go to bookings to check availability or send me a message.

I will send you a disclaimer form when you book in.

I hope to see you soon. Please wear a mask. If you are feeling unwell, please cancel your session and please let me know if you have come into contact with someone who is isolating or you know is symptomatic. You may have to postpone your session for a couple of weeks.


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