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Happy New Year

I am grateful for the clients and people I have worked with in this last difficult year

I am grateful that we have journeyed together.

For 2022 I send these messages

Be kind to yourself!

Be kind to those around you!

Be as caring as you can be, to yourself and to others.

Be present as you can be, to self and others.

Be loving to yourself.

Be nurturing to yourself.

Be in nature as much as you can be. Remember you are unique.

We are all unique.

Forgive what you can forgive and let go of what you can't!

Smile each day to a stranger.

Be at one with the impermanence of life and allow yourself to move with the flow of life.

Remember to turn up for you, and be open to change. change is ever constant.

The breath is the only constant.

Remember to exhale and shack and off that which no longer serves you! Remember to breath.

Namaste! Om Shanti!

Welcome 2022.


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