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Finding your winter roots - Monday evening yoga practice

Happy New Year one and all. We made it through 2018. Whether it was a good year or a challenging year, we now know we are resilient to weather whatever storm or challenges life has to offer us. So here we are at the beginning of a New Year. Most of our resolutions are already dead in the water. But do not disappear. Lets work from now. Remember what was on your list. Was Yoga on the list or some form of exercise?

So, how about starting that yoga practice you always wanted to do, but you have already made up your mind that you won't be bendy enough to enjoy yoga. What with all that stretching and OM, I'm sure I won't be able to sit on the floor for a long time? What if I get the breathing wrong?

If you thought about it as a possibility how about taking steps towards doing it TODAY!

So we need to get grounded. The postures that grounds me with the earth are Tadasana the mountain pose and Vrkasana the tree pose. Whatever the weather is like the mountain is still there. Whatever life brings the tree may loose its roots, but it is always still spreading to find the earth.

So as we enter the winter months, this is a opportunity to go deeper within. Use your practice to find your roots. Allow those rootlets to spread and get energy from the earth in preparation for the spring.

In winter months, trees and plants are conserving all the energy back to the root. Maybe we need to go back inwards and re evaluate and be more internally focused and kind to ourselves.

Connecting feet and heart: Rest your hands on your feet, put your hand over your heart. Breath and be still.

Simple touch and breath awareness, can bring us deeper into our

Off course with the cold setting in there will be a need to bring more heat into the body, but also a opportunity to go inwards in our practice.

Welcoming the winter yoga practice

Bring your hands into namaste (thank you), or let them rest on your knee as you sit and take 5-10 mins to meditate. Starting your day, gently and mindfully.

When the inspiration comes to stand up, stand in Tadasana and breath into your feet. Now you can scan your body and ground; make your first step of the day be a mindful step. Feeling the shift of weight and the contact through your feet.

The next inspiration maybe to take that first step, or circle your feet or move your hips, or take a lovely yawning stretch. Look how you are now in your first yoga posture of the day!

Early morning yoga shouldn't be harsh, you are awaking, coming out of your hiberational sleep and orientating to your external environment.

Ask yourself "What is it I need today?" "What is it I need in my yoga practice now?" "How can I bring my yoga practice into my life, today?"

Take the time to plan a 10 min yoga session.

Include the following:

Simple standing

Gentle forward bend

Gentle Twist

Some lateral flexion's

Supine twist

Flow (sun salutation)

Downward Dog


Sitting posture

Breath awareness

Child pose

Shavasansana (deep rest)

Yoga Nidra if time allows or later in the day.

Start simply and be happy to always go back to basics. That is where the true yoga lies.

Make your everyday activity be part of your yoga practice. Start today. Namaste x

Winter - Women only Loft Scaravelli Yoga Workshops on Monday evenings 7.15-8.45pm Quaker Meeting House, Bush Road, E11 3AU Places are limited so book ahead. This is a women only group.

The new term will start 7 January 2019. Booking through this website.

Also check with Arlene for a her monthly yoga workshop.

Arlene will also be teaching every Saturday morning throughout January at YMCA Forest Road, E17, booking is taken through their reception.

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