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Preparing for your birth in 2020

Preparing well for your birth. Yoga is one of the best way to prepare well for your birth.

Teaching this group in Tower Hamlets has been a god send. I started teaching here in 2008 around the time the practice opened and I have met and supported hundreds of women over that time period.

We are now very aware of developing a sense of calm and relaxation around the pregnancy and especially the birth, but most women are fearful of how the labour and birth will go.

I think instinctively we know that birth is still a very dangerous transition for women. Even in our medicalised society. But also with many women choosing to have babies later in their life, brings with it added worries and expectations.

There is currently a epidemic of induction guided by the medical profession for women to start of the birth process earlier than when their bodies and baby feels ready to start this natural process.

Because some of the pregnancies are a result of IVF or some of fertility issue, this also lends itself to added fear and worry, and a letting go of power.

Because the baby was conceived through medical intervention and assistance does not mean that the birth has to follow that route. Also women are guided to have c-sections if the birth does not get going in a certain time line and that also brings with added complications and consequences.

Attending a regular prenatal yoga session, can help you to relax the mind which has been bombarded with all these questions and anxieties. So that you can arrive at a informed choice around your continued fertility and birth.

Through my yoga sessions, let the body and mind settle and find its true answers so that you can birth from a place of trust in your body allow a process which is ancient unfold.

I posted at the end of December that I would be stopping the Wednesday evening prenatal yoga at Barkantine if numbers did not improve.

This still may happen, but I am hopeful that number will swell and so book in for the 6-week block and lets get 2020 off to a great birth start.

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